Wildlife Up Close at Bearizona

I recently took a weekend road trip to Williams, Arizona with my family and grandkids. We visited Bearizona wildlife park, 184 miles north of Scottsdale. The park is located on 160 acres in the midst of towering ponderosa pine trees. It is truly a serene experience to be in such a beautiful setting surrounded by majestic wildlife! The weather was sunny and a perfect 70 degrees, offering a respite from the hot temperatures in the Valley.


If you visit, you can drive your own vehicle through a 3-mile forest with black bears, Rocky Mountain goat, brown bison, Alaskan Tundra wolves, Alaskan doll sheep, Rocky Mountain big horn sheep, and Arctic wolves. Black bears walked past our car, giving the children thrill of their lives! After you go through the drive, you also can visit the walk-through zoo area to see animals like lynx, javelina, red fox, beavers, porcupines, and raccoons. There’s also a petting zoo for children. Don’t miss the Flight Raptor Show that showcases the Eurasian eagle owl, Harris’ hawk and crested kara kara. The free show has the birds flying right over the top of your head, giving you a close view of the creatures!




We also ventured to the town of Williams, which lies on historic Route 66 jut a few minutes from Bearizona and has a main street full of vintage buildings and fun shops with Route 66 wares. Less than an hour from the Grand Canyon, Williams has so many things to do…the Grand Canyon Railway departs from the train depot for the canyon every day. The town is nestled at the base of Bill Williams Mountain in one of the largest ponderosa pine forests in the world. Nearby you can enjoy wonderful hiking, fishing, skiing, and horseback riding!

Downtown Williams

– Judy {Concierge}
Judy Kabler
Thank you to Bearizona for providing complimentary admission.

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