Chef Wiley’s Favorite Arizona Restaurants

Executive Chef Charles Wiley of ZuZu is known for being passionate about great ingredients and classic food preparation. Get the inside scoop on his favorite restaurants in the Valley:

What’s your favorite Asian restaurant?
. They’ve got amazing hamachi and salmon skin rolls, and they’re one of the only places in town that serves ama-ebi. Their mirugi is so tender. Dai-San will just warm it a bit and serve it with a yellow miso sauce. They also have the freshest, sweetest uni.

What about Italian?
I just discovered this little place called Pomo at Scottsdale Road and Doubletree. I haven’t had their pizza yet but I’ve seen it, it looks incredible. I’ve had some of their apps and salads…top-notch ingredients, perfectly seasoned.

Do you have a favorite spot for cocktails?
I’m more of a beer drinker; I like the Dirty Dogg. If I was getting cocktails, there’s only one place I’d go…Crudo. Micah Olson is amazing. I’m also looking forward to Ross Simon’s new place in Downtown Phoenix, Bitter & Twisted.

Where do you go to experience classic Arizona dining?
El Chorro is a great, reinvented spot. They fly in fresh fish from the West Coast every day, and that’s usually what I order.

Any other favorites?
Roka Akor
is a very cosmopolitan, sexy restaurant that uses really good ingredients. J&G Steakhouse is beautifully designed; it’s as close to a Manhattan restaurant as you’ll get in Phoenix.

Charles Wiley

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