Cookie Dough Delights at Unbaked

Unbaked is a great spot in Old Town Scottsdale run by a local family that knows nothing is more irresistible than cookie dough! Their edible dough comes in an array of flavors, for those that may find chocolate chip too ordinary.

Like to dress up your dough? Choose from delicious toppings that include sugary cereals, chocolate candies, sprinkles and sweet sauces. Interested in unbaked cookies and cream? They’ve got you covered. You can even indulge with scoops of cookie dough and ice cream combined in a cup or cone with your favorite toppings.

Unbaked is so dedicated to everyone getting their dough of choice, they even offer a vegan option. Check out this delicious spot at 3712 N Scottsdale Rd. Suite 105, Scottsdale.

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