Custom Scents at The Perfume Shoppe

The Perfume Shoppe is a wonderful local treasure. I stopped by with my daughter and we were greeted by Amyn, who has been in the business for 23 years and has traveled the world in search of the finest perfumes.

The Perfume ShoppeAfter some very interesting and inquisitive conversation (“Do you prefer floral, Oriental, fresh or musk? Are you outgoing, shy, formal, or casual?”), Amyn had a good picture of what we were looking for. He introduced us to several of the 1100 high-quality, oil-based scents made by master perfumers from around the world. We learned that our individual chemistry is as unique as a fingerprint and that scents are different on each person.

The Perfume Shoppe

It was a memorable experience and we left feeling we had found the perfect fragrance! The store has scents for both men and women. Be sure to stop by, you won’t be disappointed.

– Yvonne {Concierge}
Yvonne {Concierge}

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