Experience Soleri Bridge at the Waterfront

Right in the heart of Downtown Scottsdale stands the beautiful Soleri Bridge. Paolo Soleri designed over 100 bridges in his lifetime and this is the only one that has been built!

The Soleri Bridge and Plaza at the Scottsdale Waterfront is much more than just a pedestrian passage and gathering place. The movement of the sun heavily influenced all of Dr. Soleri’s architectural designs and the bridge is a tribute to that. It creates different patterns of light and shadow based on the time of day and year.

Soleri Bridge

The smaller set of pylons houses the “Goldwater Bells”, which Dr. Soleri created in 1969 to hang in Goldwater’s department store when it anchored Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. They beautifully represent Soleri’s work in ecology and architecture (“arcology“).

Soleri Bells

The plaza features concrete panels that replicate the designs of Cosanti and Arcosanti, created by Soleri and Roger Tomalty at Cosanti, Soleri’s home in Scottsdale.

The Soleri Bridge and Plaza is a wonderful place to take friends, have a cup of coffee, read a book, and enjoy Scottsdale’s beautiful Waterfront district!

– Ace {Concierge}
Ace Bailey

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