Experience Unique Public Art: The Doors

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand inside a giant kaleidoscope? Artist Donald Lipski pondered this, while making toys for his children. When he had the opportunity to create the “The Doors“, he decided to create his own kaleidoscope. This wonderful piece of public art can be seen on the southwest corner of Scottsdale Road and Camelback Road in Downtown Scottsdale.

The Doors

When you venture inside, you will find multiple reflections of yourself and an opening overhead that creates the optical illusion of a geodesic dome. If you visit at night, you will see the stars reflected throughout the structure. But there’s more to this fabulous public art piece than meets the eye! Mr. Lipski worked with sound artist Jim Green to create “Sound Passage”. When you enter “The Doors” you will see a triangular shape in the floor. By stepping on it, you active an audio loop. You will hear a variety of mysterious acoustic selections including the Soleri bells at Cosanti, watery swishes, melodious vocals, and percussion. I think the most fun is trying to figure out what you are hearing!

The Doors

This is one of my favorite public art pieces in Scottsdale. Your senses of sight and sound are so engaged that you forget you are standing on one of the busiest corners in Scottsdale! Pretty cool.

– Ace {Concierge}
Ace Bailey

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