Hike the Scenic Hackberry Trail in the Superstition Mountains

I recently did an amazing hike along the Hackberry Trail in a beautiful canyon in the Superstition Mountains, about a half-hour drive from the hotel. It was a peaceful reprieve from the busy city. David and Debra Joaquim of My Arizona Guide offer guided, educational eco tours all over the state of Arizona.

Hackberry Trail

The Sonoran Desert is beautiful in the spring, and the Superstition Mountains are awe inspiring. The hike offered a little bit of everything…great views, tall shady canyons, desert critters, and water features. David was a wonderful guide and shared his knowledge of the desert flora and fauna. We stopped and had a yummy picnic lunch while enjoying the scenery. I highly recommend a guide to show you the way. All I needed were my hiking shoes, a hat, sun screen, and my camera. It was one of my most favorite Arizona experiences. I know I will do this again!

Hackberry Trail– Yvonne {Concierge}
Yvonne {Concierge}

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