Explore the Old West in a Jeep

Are you interested in the history of the Old West and touring the Sonoran Desert? A great adventure to combine both experiences is to take a tour with Old West Trails Tours. Lenny and Sandy Dee are fantastic guides who will give you a trip through the past.

Lenny is quite a colorful character, known to wear an oversized cowboy hat, black eye patch, full-length buckskins, and jangling spurs. His storied past includes training horses for John Wayne. He carries a big fancy knife and a single-action forty five, and his Jeep is outfitted with horns that measure at least six feet wide and levers made from animal antlers.

His wife and fellow tour guide, Sandy, is a full-blooded Apache and has learned the craft of her ancestors, which she demonstrates by making Lenny’s ornate leather vest and beaded pouches.

The tour takes you on a permit-only trail with majestic mountains, stunning rock formations, and forests of cholla cactus. Lenny will teach you how the Native Americans used the vegetation of the desert to made their food and clothing, and you may see mountain lions, javelinas, snakes, bears, foxes and coyotes. Old West Trails departs from Hotel Valley Ho daily either at 8:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. Call me for prices and reservations: 480.248.2000.

– Judy {Concierge}
Judy Kabler
Thank you to Old West Trail Tours for the complimentary tour.

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