Taliesin West: Inspirational, Breathtaking, Awesome

I recently took my first 90-minute Insights Tour of Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and architecture school. Visit the website for wonderful details of the tours. The pictures and words don’t do it justice; you have to go there to really experience it.

The Garden Room

Not only is the tour informative, but the tranquil feeling of the buildings and the desert environment are magical. There were times I could see myself living there in quiet splendor and perfect harmony with my surroundings, until I realized Frank didn’t like big closets, spacious bathrooms, or high ceilings. Taliesin is not to be missed, and is a fantastic example of Wright’s genius. It’s like going back to the future. You won’t be disappointed!


– Yvonne {Concierge}
Yvonne {Concierge}

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