The Mystery of the “Superstition Ho” Hotel

Many people are familiar with the Westward Ho, built in 1928 and formerly the sister hotel of the Valley Ho. But have you heard of the Superstition Ho? Associated Federal Hotels decided to build a third “Ho” hotel in the Valley, and selected a location in Apache Junction.

Superstition Ho

The spot was chosen for its proximity to the Apache Trail, Lost Dutchman Mine, Apacheland Movie Ranch, and Superstition Mountains. The Superstition Ho opened in 1960 and cost $1.8 million to build, featuring a coffee shop and saloon along with 133 rooms. After a few lackluster years, the ownership changed and the resort was renamed Superstition Inn. A fire caused damage in 1979, leading to considerable remodeling. The hotel continued to run through 2002, and was demolished in 2004. Visit the Westward Ho Time Capsule for the full story.


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