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Zak’s Chocolate is best described as a sweet little gem, as it embodies the essence of the world’s favorite confection, chocolate! They pride themselves on being the only chocolatier in Arizona that sources ethically sourced cocoa beans through direct trade from reputable farms. Not only does this award-winning, craft chocolate maker ensure that they use the best cocoa beans available, but they also roast and grind the beans on the premises to create their own unique blend.

The amazing treats are made with only cocoa, sugar and an in-house pressed cocoa butter, but don’t let the short ingredient list fool you. Real artistry shows in all of Zak’s delectable concoctions due to their ability to create such a large variety of flavors from so few components. Cocoa beans, as with coffee beans and grapes, derive their flavor from the environment where they are grown and through how the beans are roasted and prepared.

Zak’s also offers unique experiences for individuals or groups to ranging from chocolate making classes, demonstrations and tasting events with wine pairings.

Visit Zak’s Chocolate and indulge in their award-winning chocolate to taste for yourself. You’ll find them at 6990 E Shea Blvd. #116 in Scottsdale.

– Pat {Concierge}

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